Qualified Teachers

We believe that our teachers are the crown of a great school. They are degreed and certified professionals who provide high quality instruction to your child. They love children, and they love what they do. They don't teach subjects; they teach children. They are Christian educators who work diligently to improve, modify and adjust lessons to accommodate your child's learning needs. With low teacher to student ratios and the depth of experience that teachers provide, the goal of every staff member is your child's success.

Teacher showing work to student
student writing notes

Regular Assessment

We assess students four times each year using a nationally-normed assessment. Data from each periodic assessment is used to guide teachers' instruction to help each student grow throughout the year. Frequent testing, student collaboration, and a relaxed environment help students perform to their best abilities. TCA does not participate in the Texas STAAR testing program. Recent comparison results reflect that our students perform on average 5.4 months ahead of grade level.

Biblical Worldview Integration

Intentional, consistent effort is made to ensure that our curriculum is aligned and taught through the lense of God's Word. Our curriculum meets or exceeds the TEKS that are used in schools in our state, but they are taught from a different perspective. In a changing world, some things do not need to change. Science is taught from a Creationist perspective. History is taught as "His Story". All the way from Adam to today, God is involved in the affairs of men and women throughout our earth. We help kids know that they have a part to play in God's big story. Your child will learn that God has placed talents and gifts inside of them that the world around them needs!

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Elementary Academics

Our Kindergarten through 5th grade core elementary curriculum includes Math, English Language Arts, Science, History, and Bible. Students also have the opportunity to learn Spanish, music, art, and physical education throughout the day also.

Middle School

Middle school students travel from class to class, learning Math, English, Science, History, Bible and two additional electives.

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High School

High School students complete the courses required for graduation as required by the Texas graduation requirements. Students also complete one year of Bible for each year of attendance. Our rigorous curriculum prepares students for college. Students from TCA have attended major public and private colleges and universities across the nation. We are proud of our graduates. Students may also participate in dual credit college courses while in high school.